MFBS-540: Legal Strategies and Challenges for the Restaurateur

Credits 3
This course includes instruction in establishing the solid legal and financial foundation necessary for a successful, sustainable, and scalable business. Using real-world examples of challenges faced by new restaurant operators and business leaders, learners will study various types of legal entities for a business, investigate early options for real estate, and explore various financing structures, including potential outside investment. Additional topics to be covered include contracts and agreements, insurance, licensing, human resources law, intellectual property protection, and minimization of legal risks commonly faced by early-stage restaurant and foodservice businesses.
Orientation and Cohort Formation (MFBS-501A), Science of Food Systems (MFBS-510), Ethical Leadership in the Food Business (MFBS-530), Business Fundamentals (MFBS-500), Design Thinking for Food (MFBS-520), Framing the Business Playbook (MFBS-501B).
Restaurant Operations & Management Strategies (MFBS-550)