MFBS-510: The Science of Food Systems

Credits 3
Food systems exist at the nexus of human health and environmental sustainability - and food makes abstract concepts personal. New discoveries, particularly in biology, are transforming everything about the food system. This course will present learners with opportunities to connect with cutting-edge technology, developing trends, and advances in policy. This course has integrated these topics in a way that reflects state-of-the art systems- thinking and intelligence. Participation will provide students with the critical understanding and the practical experience to strengthen the restaurant concept, build the product development plan, or enhance the food innovation portfolio. Along with a team of fellow learners, faculty, and guest lecturers, students will spend fifteen weeks in a collaborative, online learning environment, gaining access to the fundamental scientific and technical information needed to create solutions to our most pressing food-connected problems and plan for the innovative food business opportunities these challenges present. Students will review the latest trends and technologies in the food system and produce concept maps, story-boards, white papers, and other learning artifacts that will prepare them to succeed in the MPS program.

Orientation and Cohort Formation (MFBS-501A)

Cohort Formation (MFBS-501A) Residency I and Ethical Leadership in the Food Business (MFBS-530).