ADVC-305: Advanced Japanese Cuisine (Kaiseki)

Credits 3
In this course, students will learn advanced techniques of preparing Japanese cuisine. They will study the variety of cooking techniques for Japanese cuisine and advanced principles of seasonality, colors, tableware, kitchenware, and seasonings, as well as basic serving principles of Kaiseki. Weekly lessons will include advanced skills related to Kaiseki Ryori, highlighting geographical factors, historical background, and origins. Students will also focus on the structure of a full-course Kaiseki meal and how to plan such a meal, synthesizing with expressions of seasonality.
30 culinary arts lab credits and Externship.
History and Culture of Japan (LART-340), Basic Japanese Cuisine (BPSE-440), Japan as Inspiration (BPSE-441), Concentration Capstone: Japanese (BPSE-450J).