ADVC-301L: Advanced Cooking: Latin

Credits 3
This course is designed to integrate students' culinary training, academic studies, and field experience using fundamental cooking techniques, topics of contemporary significance, food science, aesthetics, and sensory perception as frameworks. Advanced Cooking is an examination of taste, cooking techniques, ingredients, and flavoring techniques. Building on previous cooking courses, students will research and prepare representative regional menu items as well as complete an intensive analysis of the principles of cuisine. Short papers, a detailed project, menu development, and service reflective of a specific cuisine will be part of this course.
30 culinary or baking and pastry lab credits and Externship.
Ancient Foods in a Modern World: Latin American Crops in the Global Arena (LART-335), Latin Cuisines: Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean (BPSE-420), Latin Cuisines: South America (BPSE-421), Concentration Capstone: Latin (BPSE-450L).