Withdrawal Refund Policy (New York)

New York Campus

The date of determination of a student's official withdrawal is based on the date the college is provided official notice of withdrawal. Suspension for any reason is considered a withdrawal. The actual date of withdrawal for return of Title IV or for unofficial withdrawal purposes will be based on the last class day or the best available academic information.

Tuition and General Fee Refunds

If a student withdraws or is suspended after the semester begins, the student will be refunded a percentage of tuition and general fees, as shown on the following chart:

Withdrawal Date Amount of Refund
1–7 calendar days 100%
8–14 calendar days 85%
15–21 calendar days 50%
After 21 calendar days No refund

Cancellation and Withdrawal from Travel Programs

Regardless of the reason for cancellation, students who fail to cancel their travel reservation by the published deadlines will be responsible for cancellation costs as set forth by the terms and conditions of the current travel provider.

Residence Hall Fee Refunds

Housing cancellations must be submitted in writing to the Residence Life Office 30 days prior to a semester start date. Applicants who fail to cancel 30 days prior to a semester start date or fail to occupy their assigned room will be subject to a $175 cancellation fee.

Students who are withdrawing or suspended for any reason will be refunded a percentage of their residence hall charges as shown in the following chart:

Room Exit Date Amount of Refund
Prior to the start of the semester 100%
1–14 calendar days 80%
After 14 calendar days No refund

Board Fee Refunds

Board fees are refundable on the same schedule as residence halls.

The college will credit to the student account any tuition amount due as indicated above, and will pay any balance due to the student from unliquidated tuition deposits within 45 days of the date the college determined the withdrawal. New, unused equipment may be returned to the college's Central Issuing Department within 20 days of withdrawal for credit to the student account. Uniforms that have been embroidered with the student's name may not be returned.