Web-Based Learning

The college employs Moodle as its web-based Learning Management System. Students and faculty use a secure password to easily access the CIA Moodle environment both on and off campus. The page design of Moodle is responsive and accessible on most web-enabled devices. Moodle provides access to all posted course material and support content such as recipe manuals, syllabi, assessment rubrics, lecture notes, and presentations. All content can be accessed anytime by students or faculty.

The Learning Management System provides faculty and students with features that enhance learning online and in the classroom. This includes meaningful discussions, interactive glossaries, student-led wiki spaces, and tools for digital storytelling. Moreover, faculty posts assignments and grades within the system and can directly communicate with students enrolled in the course.

The Moodle system is just one of many online applications available to enrich the students' educational experience. For information on other web-based resources and capabilities, please see Technology on Campus for Students.