The Culinary Institute of America is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment that is free of violence. This obligation includes eliminating recognized hazards from the campus community that may contribute to violence or serious harm.

No individual (student, staff, or faculty member or member of the general public) is permitted to bring a weapon or replica of a weapon of any kind onto U.S. college properties. Additionally, no student, staff, or faculty member may carry a weapon or replica of a weapon of any kind during college business travel. A weapon includes any device defined in this policy that in the manner used or intended is capable of producing death, harm, intimidation, or bodily injury to a person or property. This policy applies to all situations, whether the weapon is licensed or not. Only law enforcement officials acting within their official capacity shall be considered exempt from this policy.


Weapons include but are not limited to knives, firearms or guns (including starter pistols, paintball guns, and guns that shoot projectiles such as pellets, BBs, and airsoft beads), machetes, bombs/explosives, ammunition, slingshots, clubs/bludgeons, chuka sticks/martial arts weapons, plastic or metal knuckles, electronic devices intended to stun or incapacitate (e.g., Taser), and bow and arrow combinations (including crossbows).


a. A firearm or other weapon in the possession of a law enforcement officer who is authorized to possess same, either on or off duty, by the employing law enforcement agency.

b. Kitchen knives and other kitchen-related equipment used to support the educational process.

Questions may be directed to the director of campus safety or the director of compliance. The full CIA Weapons Policy, including procedures for reporting incidents, may be viewed from the Policies and Procedures page (under Campus Resources) at CIA Main Menu.