Transfers Between Campuses

In some instances, a currently enrolled student may seek a transfer of studies to a different CIA campus in the U.S. The following procedure has been established so that each case may be considered on an individual basis.

The student must submit an online request for transfer that will be routed to the appropriate department at the target campus. For transfers to the California campus, the application will be reviewed by the senior career and academic advisor; for transfers to New York, the director of career and academic advising; and for transfers to Texas, the assistant director of academic and career support.

The request will be reviewed and given consideration based on the following conditions:

  • Space is available at the target campus;
  • The student has completed at least one semester of study, and at least one semester of study remains prior to anticipated graduation;
  • The student must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0;
  • The student's learning track will not be interrupted in a way that will interfere with the student's academic progress;
  • The student will be responsible for any makeup and re-registration fees;
  • The student does not have any unresolved probationary or disciplinary issues; and
  • The student is in good financial standing.

Students are allowed only one transfer opportunity during their degree pursuit. Students may not retake any class in which they have previously received a final grade according to Repeating a Course. Attendance records will carry over from one campus to the other and will be considered along with academic progress.

A student who has withdrawn or who is on a leave of absence may also be considered for transfer to another campus if the request is made within one year of the original leave. Otherwise, the student will be required to apply for readmission to the new campus.

Once all criteria are reviewed, the student will be notified of the transfer decision by the senior career and academic advisor at the California campus, director of career and academic advising in New York, or the assistant director of academic and career support in Texas..