Temporary Medical Condition

Due to essential hygiene reasons and the safety of oneself or others, students who have a medical condition requiring a hard or soft cast on an upper or lower limb, a sling, or the use of crutches will not be permitted in culinary, baking, pastry, or table service classes.

Students who have any other temporary medical condition that significantly affects mobility or normal stride, prevents the wearing of required footwear, or causes restricted vision will not be permitted in culinary, baking and pastry, or table service classes.

In addition, any splint, cast, sling, boot, brace, or wrap that affects the ability to receive first aid treatment to the covered body part in cases of cuts or burns would also prohibit the student from participating in the above classes.

When the student's condition is fully healed, the student must present signed documentation from a health care provider indicating permission to resume culinary, baking, pastry, or table service classes to Health Services (NY), the assistant director of student life (CA), the manager of student services (TX), or the managing director (SG).

If a currently enrolled student cannot remain in a class at the time of the injury, the college may withdraw the student from the class. If a student is unable to resume any courses, that student will be withdrawn for that semester.