Student Work and Service Programs

The Student Work & Service programs include the Earn & Learn Tuition Offset Scholarship and Federal Work Study.

The CIA looks for responsible, talented, and passionate students to fill open opportunities on campus. There is a wide range of opportunities, and many departments rely on student assistants to support the numerous tasks that ensure the successful daily operation of the college. Students, in return, gain invaluable hands-on experience while earning money or a tuition offset scholarship.

Students who are interested in gaining hands on experience on campus must follow the instructions outlined for the program in which they wish to seek opportunities in. Instructions are available on the Student Work Programs Page of CIA Main Menu. Opportunities are not guaranteed.

Bachelor's Earn & Learn Scholarship           

Bachelor's Earn & Learn Scholarship recipients will receive a $3000 scholarship to offset their tuition for their freshman year, $1500 for the first semester and $1500 for the second semester. For the first semester, Bachelor's Earn & Learn recipients will attend mandatory orientations to learn about the program and the expectations for their second semester. Towards the end of the first semester, students will need to apply to open Earn & Learn positions. Once placement into a position is confirmed, the student will need to complete 80 hours of service in the assigned position during the second semester to maintain their scholarship. If a student chooses to not apply to positions, their $1500 for the second semester will be cancelled. If the 80 service hours is not completed by the end of their second semester, the award will be prorated. The student will be responsible for any balance on their account due to the cancellation or proration of their Bachelor's Earn & Learn Scholarship. Earn & Learn positions are assigned to our hospitality and food service-related departments, includes student dining attendants, garden assistants, food media content creators, tutoring, culinary assistants, culinary science assistants, baking/pastry assistants, catering staff, and more!

Earn & Learn Scholarship

Students enrolled full-time in the Associates Program, or not a Bachelor's Earn & Learn Scholarship recipient, may apply for the Earn & Learn Scholarship through the CIA $HEF site. Those eligible for the Earn & Learn Scholarship, will need to apply to open Earn & Learn positions to be considered for placement. Eligible students will have the opportunity to receive a scholarship toward their tuition and fees, to complete 60, 80, 100, or 125 service hours in an Earn & Learn position for the semester. Service hours varies between positions and departments. The scholarship will be awarded once the student has confirmed a position, amount up to the lesser of $2,625, depending on the position and service hours. If the student does not complete the required service hours by the end of the semester, the scholarship will be prorated. The student will be responsible for any balance on their account due to the proration of their Earn & Learn Scholarship.

Federal Work Study (FWS)

Students who have Received and Accepted their 2022-2023 Federal Work Study Award, will be eligible to apply to open work study opportunities for the semester. This program allows students to work on a part-time basis to earn money from their Federal Work Study Award to pay for indirect costs. Earnings are not paid to the student’s bill but received in the form of physical paychecks or direct deposits to their bank account when they work. Federal Work Study positions will be opened to accept applications two weeks before the semester start date. These positions provide support at the Student Services departments on campus, such as Library Services, IT Help Desk, Mailroom, Career Services, & Student Rec Center. To be considered for placement, eligible students must apply to open positions. Students who are offered a FWS position must complete employment on-boarding. The on-boarding process is completed where the student will fill out the I-9 form, tax forms, sign Student Employee policies forms, etc. The student must present items from the Federal I-9- Acceptable Documents list during their on-boarding meeting with the Student Financial Planning Office. If the student cannot present the documents, they will NOT be authorized to start their work study position.

For further information, please contact Student Financial Planning:
Phone: 845-451-1500