Student Questions

Many times when students have a question, they can resolve it on their own by speaking with the party involved. If, however, after speaking with the student or employee about the question, a student does not feel the matter is addressed, or if a student has a question about an administrative process or procedure, the student may see the following college officials:

Civil Rights Questions

Refer to the full text of the Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Discrimination Policy on the Consumer Information page at (All U.S. campuses)

Curriculum and Faculty Questions

  • Deans—Education (NY)
  • Director—Education (CA)
  • Managing Director (SG)
  • Associate Dean—Degree Programs (TX)

Financial Questions

  • Director—Student Financial Planning in Hyde Park, NY (All U.S. campuses)
  • SIT (SG)

Registration and Course Scheduling Questions

  • Center for Career and Academic Advising in Hyde Park, NY (All U.S. campuses)
  • Associate Registrar (CA)
  • Student Services Manager (TX)
  • Managing Director (SG)

Residence Life Questions

  • Associate Dean—Housing Operations (NY)
  • Residence Life and Housing Coordinator or Assistant Dean—Student Affairs (CA)

General Student Questions

  • Vice President and Dean—Student Affairs in Hyde Park, NY (All U.S. campuses)
  • Associate Dean—Student Affairs and Residence Life (NY & CA)
  • Associate Dean —Campus Life and Student Development (NY)
  • Assistant Dean—Student Conduct (NY)
  • Assistant Dean—Student Affairs (CA)
  • Managing Director (SG & TX)

For information visit the Consumer Information page at