Statement of Academic Freedom

Faculty members shall be free to teach course information without regard to censorship or any other artificial restraints on free inquiry and learning. Faculty members shall be restricted to dealing with course materials in the classroom environment and shall not use the classroom as a basis for the transmission of information outside of their assigned courses. They shall, however, be free to discuss any controversial issues dealing with their courses without the fear of reprisal, provided the discussions are related to subjects taught.

The CIA has developed standard course materials that faculty members are expected to teach. Faculty members are encouraged to present individual views and alternative materials as a means of supplementing, but not replacing, that standard course material.

Academic freedom in the CIA shall not be deemed to permit or condone denigration or demeaning criticisms of other faculty members, staff members, students, the CIA, its programs, or the foodservice and hospitality industry.

Freedom of individual conscience, association, and expression shall be encouraged and fairness of procedure shall be observed both to safeguard legitimate interests of the CIA and to exhibit by appropriate example the basic objectives of a democratic society.