Skills Remediation

CIA faculty members in the culinary arts degree programs and the certificate program will assign a student to attend Skills Remediation for a specific competency or competencies for the following reasons only:

  1. The student has failed to demonstrate proficiency in the competency during their class.
  2. The student has missed the competency in their class due to absence.


If a student is scheduled to attend Skills Remediation and has not successfully completed the remediation assignment prior to the end of the course, the student will carry a grade of Incomplete (I). Once the student has demonstrated proficiency in the competency in question during Skills Remediation, the assigning faculty member will change the grade (which is based on the student's actual attendance and performance in the class, and will not include the student's Skills Remediation performance) and submit the grade change.

Skills Remediation Attempts

Students will be allowed up to three attempts to achieve proficiency in a single competency. If a student fails to show proficiency after three attempts, or has carried an Incomplete for more than nine weeks, the student will be required to meet with the dean of academic engagement and administration (NY), director of education (CA and TX), or managing director (SG).