Registration—Undergraduate and Graduate

Undergraduate: Registration is the formal process of enrolling in the college's degree or certificate programs. Students must be cleared academically and financially to progress from one semester to the next. Students can only attend classes if they are registered. Registration schedules are posted on CIA Main Menu. For more information, the student should contact their career and academic advisor.

When students receive academic, financial, health and/or Student Affairs clearance, they will become eligible for course registration. The college reserves the right to alter groups, schedules, policies, and operational procedures in order to achieve the best educational balance. For the bachelor's degree schedule at the New York campus, students will choose their courses following a set of guidelines. At the CIA Singapore, courses for the bachelor's degree will be offered based on the academic needs of each entering cohort of students to meet the degree requirements of the CIA.

Graduate: When master's degree students receive academic and financial clearance, they will be assigned the class schedule adhering to the course sequence as designed by the program.

Course Makeups - Undergraduate

Students who have to make up a course for any reason must make arrangements to re-register for the course. Registration is guided by the following conditions:

  • Students may not be scheduled for two lab courses at the same time.
  • The enrollment in the makeup course does not exceed the maximum allowable class size.
  • The course schedules do not conflict.
  • There are no non-laboratory prerequisites.