Problems with a Grade—Undergraduate

Students who have a concern about a grade received in any class should follow this process:

  1. Speak with the instructor of that class.
  2. If the instructor is unable to satisfy the student's concern or to answer questions fully, the student should submit the concerns in writing to the Grade Review Committee (or the Standards Committee at the California campus). The student's written statement must be received within three weeks of the date the instructor submits the grades. Grade Review forms are available on CIA Main Menu.
  3. The chairperson(s) will review the student's application and supporting materials. Based on the student's petition and the supporting material, the chairperson(s) will either:
    3a. Deny the student's request because the grading of the student was based on clearly communicated criteria, and/or the grade was justified or explained by the instructor and supported by documentation, and/or institute policies were followed,
    3b. Convene the Grade Review Committee as soon as possible to review the student's case. The chairperson(s) will be in contact with the student and the instructor and may set up a meeting with the Grade Review Committee.
  4. Based upon the review of the student's case, the committee will either:
    4a. Recommend that the instructor reconsider the grade based on the committee's findings,
    4b. Uphold the grade issued by the instructor.
  5. The decision of the instructor is final.