Leave of Absence—Undergraduate and Graduate

A leave of absence (LOA) will only be granted between semesters for military service or medical, personal, or financial situations in which a student may find it impossible to continue in regularly scheduled classes without interruption. Students may not take an LOA in lieu of disciplinary action or to delay their return to the CIA from externship. Regardless of semester, all students may request an LOA upon the completion of a semester and prior to the beginning of a new semester with appropriate approval.

To qualify for a leave of absence, students must meet with an advisor in the Center for Career and Academic Advising and provide a reasonable expectation of their return to the CIA. Supporting documentation will be required by the college to grant the LOA. A leave of absence is valid for a period of up to 180 calendar days within each calendar year. Leaves of absence from all U.S. campuses are granted with the approval of the director of student financial and registration services. Students returning from a leave of absence must contact the Center for Career and Academic Advising a minimum of six weeks prior to their anticipated return date to confirm course availability. Students who do not return to campus when their LOA expires will be withdrawn. See Withdrawal from the CIA.

Students at the U.S. campuses who leave the CIA without requesting a leave of absence will be unofficially withdrawn from the college. This may result in additional campus housing charges, a delay in obtaining any housing refund, failing grades due to absences, and/or a delay in returning to classes.

Withdrawal from the CIA could affect a student's financial aid, including loan repayment terms and/or loan grace periods. If a student fails to return from a leave of absence, the student will be automatically withdrawn, and the schedule for a withdrawal refund will apply effective from the last day of attendance (as indicated in the student's leave of absence record).

Students at the CIA Singapore who leave the CIA without requesting a leave of absence will be withdrawn from the college and may incur financial and/or academic consequences. For more information, students should contact Financial Services at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).