Independent Study—Undergraduate

Independent studies provide a unique opportunity for highly motivated students in the bachelor's degree programs to pursue a particular area of study under the guidance of a faculty member. The protocol for students who wish to create an independent study is as follows:

  • Identify a research project and a faculty member with the appropriate expertise who is available to work with them.
  • Write a formal proposal for their independent study that includes the following parts: description and rationale for the research project, three to five sources, and a timeline.
  • The proposal needs to be approved by the faculty member and a dean or associate dean no later than the first week of the semester in which the independent study will be done.
  • The associate dean will give the final approval and notify the Registrar's Office.

Another option for students interested in pursuing an independent study is to enroll in the Honors Thesis Seminar (BPSE-450H).