Degree and Certificate Programs Overview

The degree and certificate program curricula at The Culinary Institute of America are composed of courses offering comprehensive instruction in cooking, baking, beverage studies, culinary science, hospitality, business management, liberal arts, and general education. The CIA does not provide English as a Second Language instruction.

After graduating from these programs, students will have acquired a top-notch education, enabling them to meet the needs of the foodservice and hospitality industry for well-educated, highly qualified professionals.

In accordance with higher education standards, student progress for degree and certificate completion is measured against the advertised program length. Typically, institutions measure the number of students who complete their degree or certificate within one and a half times the program length.

The advertised length of each program is as follows:

  • 129-credit bachelor's degree programs—40 months
  • 126-credit bachelor's degree programs—40 months
  • 123-credit bachelor's degree programs—40 months. The program length for students in the degree completion programs who transfer the minimum of 30-credits is 32 months.
  • 69-credit associate degree programs—22 months
  • 66-credit associate degree programs—22 months
  • 30-credit master's degree programs—24 months
  • 30-credit certificate programs—8 months

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Please note: Current students should follow the course curricula as described in the catalog covering the academic year of their entry date to the CIA. Any curriculum changes listed in subsequent catalogs may not apply to their matriculation. For students returning to the CIA to complete their degree or certificate, individual course requirements will be determined upon readmission. Questions about the course curriculum should be addressed to the associate dean or academic dean in the student's program (NY), director of education (CA), director of education (TX), or managing director (SG).