New York Campus

Along with meals covered by the board fee, the college offers students the opportunity to purchase Culinary Cash. A minimum cash deposit in the amount of $25 is all that is needed to get started in the program. Culinary Cash is mandatory for all students who wish to print any material from the student computer labs.

The Culinary Cash program gives students the convenience, flexibility, and security of cash-free transactions by enabling them to use their CIA student ID like a debit card at selected sites on campus such as restaurants and the library. Culinary Cash can also be used to buy tickets from the Student Activities Office. As an added convenience, students and their families may set up and add funds to their Culinary Cash account using our online deposit system, GET Funds. This system is available 24/7 and accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or debit cards as payment options.

At the end of a student's academic career, any balance in the Culinary Cash account will be transferred to the student's tuition account and applied to outstanding financial obligations. If the remaining balance is more than $10, a refund must be requested via the Student Financial and Registration Services—Express Office.