CIA-Cornell Alliance / Collaborative Degree Program

The Culinary Institute of America and the Nolan School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University, recognized as the leading educational innovators in service operations and hospitality management, share an alliance that offers a collaborative degree program for students with a passion for all the nuances of the foodservice industry. After earning their AOS or AAS at the CIA, students can transfer to Cornell (they must apply and be accepted) and complete their Bachelor of Science (BS) from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University with a pre-defined transfer credit program.  This unique opportunity allows graduates of the CIA associate degree program to go on to explore topics such as revenue management, design and development, hospitality entrepreneurship, services marketing, data analytics, real estate and finance, and advanced restaurant management, as well as foodservice in hotels, resorts, spas, stadiums, institutions, and other settings.

Students can learn more about the Nolan School and specific curriculum details at, explore the Collaborative degree program at or email the program director at  Frequently asked questions, additional resources, and monthly information session dates are listed on the CIA Main Menu under Academic Programs, Master’s Degree & Certificate Programs, Hyde Park Cornell Alliance.

Graduates of the CIA bachelor degree offerings can pursue a Masters of Management in Hospitality (MMH).  The MMH program is a three semester program that begins in August and includes a summer externship experience.  The MMH prepares the student to work on the ground in a management and leadership capacity in the hospitality industry. The student's cohort will be composed of students from varying professional and academic backgrounds.  Ideal applicants are looking to advance or change direction within their hospitality career, are working towards a career in entrepreneurship, may be part of a family owned hospitality business, or are moving into hospitality from another career field.  A description of the program offerings and application details can be found at: or contact for questions.