For students admitted to the CIA Bachelor of Business Administration in Food Business Management program through the SIT partnership in AY2019–2020, the annual tuition fee is fixed at the AY2019-–2020 rate for the duration of their degree program. The Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore provides tuition grants that cover a substantial portion of the full tuition fees to eligible students. Students who receive the tuition grant are required to pay only the subsidized tuition fee. More information is available at

Tuition Fees for AY2020–2021

All figures listed are in Singaporean dollars.

Singapore Citizens (Subsidized Tuition Fee):

Per Annum Per Semester Per Credit
$12,510 S$6,255 S$360

Singapore Permanent Residents (Subsidized Tuition Fee):

Per Annum Per Semester Per Credit
$23,500 S$11,750 S$600

International Students

Per Annum Per Semester Per Credit
$32,528 S$16,264 S$760

Non-Subsidized Tuition Fee:

Per Annum Per Semester Per Credit
$44,492 S$22,246 S$1,070

Tuition fees for each semester will be charged based on the following:

  • Less than 16 credits—Credit charging applies
  • 16 to 22 credits—Normal semester fees apply
  • More than 22 credits—Normal semester fees plus credit charging for additional credits

Fees will be billed in advance of each semester. Adjustments will be made in the next billing if there are changes to the number of credits taken in the prevailing semester.

Please note:

  • All amounts quoted are exclusive of GST (goods and services tax).
  • For students paying subsidized fees, GST on the tuition fees will be subsidized by the Ministry of Education (MOE).
  • For international students and students paying non-subsidized fees, GST on the tuition fees is to be borne by the student.

Tuition fees are locked in for normal candidature of study. Students requiring more semesters of study to complete their program of study will be subjected to revised fees of the respective semesters.

For further details, please refer to Tuition Fees & Grants in the Admissions section of the Singapore Institute of Technology website.

Miscellaneous Fees

In addition to the tuition fees, students are required to pay miscellaneous fees upon matriculation to SIT. These fees include a registration fee and an annual recurring fee that is payable at the beginning of each academic year.

These fees are charged after a subsidy from SIT and cover matriculation, student activities, library and sports facilities, and insurance, as well as academic-related services.

Miscellaneous Fees for AY20192020 after subsidy from SIT (Fees quoted are inclusive of GST)
Nationality Matriculation Fee* Annual Fee
Singapore Citizens S$53.50 S$263.00
Permanent Residents S$53.50 S$316.00
International Students S$53.50 S$348.00

Students who withdraw or apply for a leave of absence from SIT after the start of a semester/trimester are liable for the payment of fees (tuition and miscellaneous fees).

Miscellaneous fees are subject to revision from year to year and are paid yearly.

*Registration Fee: This one-time, nonrefundable fee of $53.50 (inclusive of GST) goes towards the SIT student orientation and matriculation. This fee will be charged upon matriculation.

Incidental Fees

CIA students also have incidental fees as follows (fees listed are estimated).

Culinary/Service Uniform/Safety Shoes/Black Dress Shoes:   S$610
Graduation Coat, Knife Kit, and Textbooks:   S$1,713
General Fees (Practicals and Graduation Fee):   S$600
Global Cuisines and Cultures Trip:   S$8,000–S$10,000

Payment of Fees

Please note the following:

  • Students who do not sign the tuition grant agreement or who are not eligible for the tuition grant will have to pay non-subsidized tuition fee.
  • Fees (tuition fees and compulsory miscellaneous fees) are payable by students on a semester basis.
  • Students who withdraw or apply for leave of absence from SIT after the start of a semester are liable for the payment of fees (tuition and miscellaneous fees).
  • National Servicemen whose enrollment in the CIA Singapore is delayed by one or two years because of National Service commitment are allowed to enjoy a one- or two-year lag in the payment of the subsidized tuition fee. The fee payable will depend on the year the student accepted a place at the CIA. For example, if a student was offered admission in AY2017 and accepted the offer, the student pays the subsidized tuition fee applicable for AY2017 when the student joins the CIA Singapore in AY2019. If the student had re-applied for a new program in AY2018, the student will still pay the subsidized tuition fee applicable for AY2017 regardless of the second application outcome.
  • A late payment charge of S$50 (after GST) will be imposed on students for overdue payments.