Cancellation Policy

New York Campus

A full refund will be made to any student who cancels enrollment prior to or within the first seven calendar days of classes, except that the college will retain the $100 confirmation fee.

California Campus

Students have the right to cancel their program of instruction, without any penalty or obligations, through attendance at the first class session or the seventh calendar day after enrollment, whichever is later. After the end of the cancellation period, students also have the right to stop school at any time; and students have the right to receive a pro rata refund if they have completed 60 percent or fewer of the scheduled class days in the current payment period of their program, as calculated through their last day of attendance.

Cancellation may occur when the student provides a written notice of cancellation at the following address: Attn: Admissions Office, The Culinary Institute of America, 1946 Campus Drive, Hyde Park, NY 12538.

  • The written notice of cancellation, if sent by mail, is effective when deposited in the mail properly addressed with proper postage.
  • The written notice of cancellation need not take any particular form and however expressed, it is effective if it shows that the student no longer wishes to be bound by the enrollment agreement.

If the enrollment agreement is cancelled, the school will refund the student any money they paid, less a deposit fee of $200 and an application fee of $50.  In addition, there may be a deduction for any equipment not returned in good condition, within 45 days after the notice of cancellation is received.

Note: In addition to the above, California residents, or students enrolled at the California campus, may be subject to a non-refundable STRF fee. For students who enroll after April 1st, 2022, the fee is $ 2.50 (two dollars and fifty cents) per $1,000 of institutional charges. The STRF rate is subject to change based on the balance in the STRF account.

Texas Campus

A full refund will be made to any student who cancels the enrollment contract within 72 hours (until midnight of the third day excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays) after the enrollment contract is signed. A full refund will also be made to any student who cancels enrollment within the student's first three scheduled class days, except that the school may retain not more than $100 in any administrative fees charged, as well as items of extra expense that are necessary for the portion of the program attended and stated separately on the enrollment agreement.