Auditing Courses

In order to enable students to pursue topics of their interest and take courses that are not included in their degree or certificate program, students may audit degree or certificate courses under the following conditions:

  • The student must be enrolled in a degree or certificate program,
  • The course is not a required course in the student's degree or certificate program,
  • The student┬ámust meet the prerequisite(s) for the course,
  • There is room in the course,
  • There are no scheduling conflicts,
  • The course is normally offered by the college for credit,
  • The faculty member has approved the request to audit the course, and
  • The student has paid the audit fee before the class begins.

The Externship and Global Cuisines and Cultures courses are not eligible for audit. See Fees That May Be Assessed.

Students who audit degree or certificate program courses are expected to attend all classes, but their work will not be evaluated and no record of their participation will be kept. Their transcripts will show that they have audited the course.

Students who want to audit courses must make payment and scheduling arrangements with Student Financial and Registration Services (NY), the registration manager (CA), the director of education (TX), or the managing director (SG).

Students may not audit graduate courses.