Alcohol and Drugs

The Culinary Institute of America is committed to creating and maintaining a campus and work environment that is free of drug and alcohol abuse and complies with all federal, state, and local laws governing the service and consumption of alcohol and the use and possession of illegal substances.

The CIA prohibits:

  • The unlawful use, manufacture, distribution, dispensation, sale, transportation, purchase, or possession of any non-prescription drugs or controlled substances on its owned, operated, or controlled property or any other location,
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia,
  • The unlawful service, distribution, sale, possession, consumption, or other unlawful use of alcoholic beverages,
  • Unlawful behaviors involving alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances including, but not limited to, underage drinking, public intoxication that impacts the CIA, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and manufacturing, distributing, or using false identification,
  • The unlawful use, purchase, and distribution of medication including, but not limited to, prescription and over-the-counter medications,
  • The reckless or intentional a) acts that endanger mental or physical health, or b) conduct that creates a substantial risk of injury, to a person in the course of initiation or affiliation with any organization, club, or institution, and
  • Any activities involving the forced consumption of alcohol or drugs, including activities encouraging consumption of large amounts of alcohol or repeated consumption of alcohol in a confined amount of time.

The CIA imposes sanctions for illegal alcohol or drug use and violation of this policy. In addition, individuals violating the law with the use of alcohol and drugs may be subject to criminal charges as applicable under local, state, or federal law. The CIA will cooperate fully with all civil authorities and enforcement agencies.

The Alcohol and Drug Policy may be found in the Student Handbook and on the consumer information page at, and the full policy is disclosed annually to students and staff.