Student Government Association—NY

The Student Government Association (SGA) democratically represents the CIA student community and acts as the official voice of students in decisions affecting campus life. The SGA holds open meetings at least once per month on Wednesdays at 9:15 p.m. highlighting a guest speaker or an activity that all students are welcome to attend. The meetings are a great time to socialize with the representatives and bring up any suggestions or concerns. The Student Government Association may be reached by e-mail at or through CIA Main Menu.

The SGA has open elections to fill voting positions on the Executive Council. These consist of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Senior Senators (2)
  • Junior Senators (2)
  • Sophomore Senators (2)
  • Freshman Senators (2)

Additionally, the Executive Council appoints other non-voting members to fulfill specific support roles:

  • Student Representatives (3)
  • Secretary
  • Public Relations Manager

Please contact the SGA to find out the specific duties, qualifications, and procedures for elections/appointments.