Privacy and Student Accounts

Information about a student's bill is private and will not be disclosed to anyone unless the student grants us permission. Therefore, if a student wishes us to discuss finances with family members, the student must be sure to submit a Consent to Release Form. This form is available in any student services office or can be downloaded from CIA Main Menu under documents on the Student Financial and Registration Services (SFRS) page.

Payment Policy

Tuition and fees (including room and board), less any pending financial aid, must be paid in full 30 days prior to the start of any new semester. Students using financial aid to cover their balance must have all required documents submitted and loan approvals in place 30 days prior to the start of any new semester. Failure to pay may result in deregistration and late payment fees. Payment will be considered late after five days.

Students will be allowed to register for a future term as long as all completed prior terms are paid in full and the current term balance, less any pending payments on a college-approved payment plan, is less than $500.

Students will not be allowed to attend classes in a new semester with a balance on any prior term. Miscellaneous charges that may be assessed will be payable within 30 days after they are invoiced. Failure to pay these may result in late fees and deregistration.

Students with an unpaid balance will not receive any guest tickets to their graduation ceremonies.

Financial Clearance and Registration for Classes

Registration for classes takes place prior to the start of each semester. Registration for classes does not guarantee your attendance. If your balance is not paid according to the college's payment policy, you will be placed on a financial hold that will prevent you from registering for your next term or have your future registration canceled. To remove this hold, payment in full must be made or a CIA-approved payment plan must be in place. Please see your student financial planner to make payment arrangements. Those students who have met their financial obligations will have the financial holds removed. Balance not paid in accordance with due dates are subject to late fees.

Payment Options

The Culinary Institute of America, in partnership with TouchNet and PayPath, offers online one-time payments and monthly payment plan options for your student account. These are the only approved payment plans and they must be in place prior to any required payment due date. This partnership provides improved security compliance and certifications requirements that ensure the protection of sensitive and personal consumer data.  It enables students and/or parents to pay tuition and fees by electronic check (ACH) or by credit/debit card via the student portal. The payment process is fast, easy, and secure.

International students can make online payments via the Pay My Tuition system. This system allows you to make a payment with your countries currency and works to provide you the best currency conversion rates. To make a payment through Pay My Tuition, please go to your CIA Main Menu and then click on View and Pay My Account (for International students). From there you will enter the Pay My Tuition system and can proceed to make a payment.

Payment Plans

The college offers payment choices to help students afford their college expenses. Students can spread the cost of tuition and fees over a term by enrolling in a tuition payment plan via the TouchNet online system. Students will find a link to View and Pay Account below the Self-Service Menu on the student portal (CIA Main Menu). For more information, students should go to Quick Links on the Student Financial and Registration Services (SFRS) page of CIA Main Menu or contact the office at or 845-451-1500.

Payment Method and Service Fees

There is a 2.85% service fee ($3.00 minimum) for payments made via most major credit/debit cards. This fee is not charged by or paid to the CIA; the CIA does not keep any of these fees, therefore they cannot be waived and are non-refundable.

There is NO service fee for payments made via electronic checks (ACH).

One time payments made by cash, personal check, and cashier's check may still be processed at the SFRS office in person or by mail for no additional charge. Credit cards for tuition payments will not be taken at SFRS.

To pay by mail, send to: Student Financial and Registration Services, The Culinary Institute of America, 1946 Campus Drive, Hyde Park, NY 12538-1499.

In-person payment should be directed to:

New York

SFRS—Admissions Center, second floor


SFRS, Education Office, third floor


Student Services Manager, Student Services Center (SSC)

Tuition Deposits

All entering undergraduate students, graduate, and certificate students are required to pay a $300 advance deposit. Deposits are due based on the below schedule or 30 days after the offer of admissions, if after original due date. Deposits are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to future terms.

Students starting in Fall (September), deposits are due May 1st.

Students starting in Spring (January), deposits are due October 15th.

Students starting in Summer (April/May), deposits are due February 15th.

Financial Aid and Student Accounts

There are two types of financial aid credits on student accounts—a pending credit and an actual credit. A pending credit is money to expect but which has not yet been received by the college. An actual credit is money that has been disbursed to student accounts. Both pending and actual credits reduce the balance due on a student account. Aid will not disbursed to student accounts until after the add/drop period of the semester; as a convenience, we post a pending credit to student accounts when we bill each new semester.

If there is no expected pending financial aid credit on a student account, it is often because the student did not apply for financial aid on time. It takes time to process a financial aid application—especially in cases involving alternative educational loans—so students should be sure to meet all the deadlines. We will not remove any late charges on student accounts simply because students did not file for financial aid on time. Students can check the status of their financial aid on CIA Main Menu, the student portal.

Past Due Balances

Students with balances from prior semesters will not be allowed to register, receive a transcript, or have a degree conferred. Payments will be considered late after five days, and students will be assessed a $150 late fee and a financial hold will be placed on their registration record. Students must keep their account current or their enrollment may be terminated. Should a student cease to attend for any reason, the date of delinquency for unpaid charges will be based on the last semester attended and will be determined to be the month and year that represents the end of that semester.

What Will Happen If a Student "Bounces" a Check?

If the bank does not honor a student's check for any reason (insufficient funds, stop payment, etc.), a fee of $60 will be assessed and automatically charged to the student's account. Restitution of the check will be expected immediately.

What If Students Have Questions About Their Bill?

All billing inquiries or errors should be directed to Student Financial and Registration Services by e-mailing Students can access their account on CIA Main Menu under the View and Pay Account tab. All e-mail correspondence to SFRS must be sent from their CIA e-mail address.

When Can Students Get Their Refund?

Credit balances will be refunded within 14 days of the date the credit occurs on the student's account and are processed by Student Financial and Registration Services at the New York campus. Refund or eRefund will be distributed as follows:

  • eRefunds—Those students who sign up for eRefunds will have their refunds deposited directly into their bank account
  • Registered student, New York campus—Check will be available for pickup in SFRS
  • Registered student, California campus—Check will be available for pickup in the Education Office
  • Registered student, Texas Campus—Check will be sent via mail to permanent address
  • Students who are doing a concentration at another campus will have their check mailed to their permanent address

All other refunds will be mailed to the permanent address. For faster refunds, students are encouraged to sign up for eRefunds by following the link to TouchNet on CIA Main Menu under the View and Pay Account tab. TouchNet provides a secure, convenient, and confidential way to store banking information.

Note that the law requires that any excess PLUS funds be returned to the parent. If a school determines that PLUS funds created a credit balance, the credit balance would have to be given to the parent. The CIA will refund the parent when the PLUS is the only payment on the account and the PLUS disbursement is more than the student's institutional charges. If students have any questions about the availability of their refund, they should contact SFRS.