Policy on Graduation Participation

The Registrar's Office conducts graduation audits and is responsible for certifying that every student is eligible to participate in graduation. For the associate degree graduation, this audit will be conducted during the second semester of the sophomore year. For the bachelor's degree graduation, the audit will be conducted during the second semester of the senior year.

You are expected to complete all program requirements with a minimum GPA of 2.0 for graduation. You will be permitted to walk in the graduation ceremony with six credits outstanding as long as you are registered in the subsequent semester and have arranged a method of payment. You should confer with the Registrar's Office and Student Financial and Registration Services for approval.

You will be acknowledged by your proper name during the ceremony and in the graduation program. Participation in the graduation ceremony is not verification that you have met all of the academic requirements and have earned your degree—all requirements must be completed satisfactorily.

Upon final review, once all grades have been submitted, library books returned, outstanding fees and charges paid, and/or outstanding disciplinary actions resolved, your diploma will be distributed.