Residence Hall Rates

On-campus housing is available to students at the New York and California campuses. Rates per semester are as follows:

New York Campus

Single $4,650
Double—lodge $4,300
Double or quad $4,100
Triple—lodge $3,650
Triple—limited availability $3,450

California Campus

Single $5,200
Double $4,400
Triple or quadruple $3,700

CIA-controlled off-campus housing:

Single $5,325
Executive apartments—Napa $5,325
Double $4,800

Texas Campus

Tobin Lofts (off campus, bachelor's concentration students only):

Single $4,300
Double $4,100

International Concentration Semester

Single (Singapore) $4,650
Double (Singapore) $4,300
Single (Spain) $4,520
Double (Spain) $3,955