MSFS-580: Applied Project in Food System Sustainability

Credits 3

This is the capstone course for the MPS Program in Sustainable Food Systems. In this course, students will design and conduct a project on a topic of their choosing related to food system sustainability and transformation. The course will assist students in defining the direction of their future career as food systems professionals. Projects may be research based, entrepreneurial, experiential, focused on a specific outcome such as a grant proposal or publication, or may take other forms relevant to the student’s goals and interests.


Exploring the Greater San Francisco Bay Area Food System (MSFS-501A), Sustainability and Climate Change (MSFS-500), Systems Thinking Seminar (MSFS-505), Local, Regional, and Global Food Systems (MSFS-510), Race, Class, and Justice from the Field to the Table (MSFS-520), Sustainable Agriculture (MSFS-530), Exploring the Greater New York City Food System (MSFS-501B), Sustainable Diets and Public Health (MSFS-540) Culinary Strategy and Food System Innovation (MSFS-550), Food Movement Voices: How to Create Change (MSFS-560), Leadership, Engagement, and Impact (MSFS-570)