Catalog Updates

Students should note the following approved changes to programs, courses, and policies, effective 8/1/22 that occurred after the publication of the 2022-2023 Academic Catalog.

General Updates

Course Name Changes

  • HMFB-110 name change from "Introduction to Food and Beverage Management" to "Foundations of Hospitality Management"
  • HMFB-115 name change from "Food Product Identification, Selection, and Procurement" to "Hospitality Supply Chain Management"
  • HMHC-315 and MGMT-316 name change from "Hospitality Facilities and Operations Management" to "Hospitality Operations Management"
  • MGMT-205 name change from "Marketing and Promoting Food" to "Marketing Principles"

Academic Program Updates

  • Hospitality Management, BS
    • Food and Beverage Requirements: BAKE-241 and HMFB-420 eliminated; CULP-325 added
    • Business Management Requirements: Choice of MGMT-225 or MGMT-255
    • Hospitality Management Electives: 15 credits instead of 6 credits