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2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog

Course Descriptions

Descriptions for all courses offered in the degree and certificate programs follow. For a listing of required and elective courses for a given degree or certificate program, please see the Graduation Requirements for that specific program in the Curricula  section. Please note that not all electives will be offered each semester. A legend of course number prefixes can be found below.
   •  Real Estate, Capitalization, and Partnership Strategies (MFBS-570)
   •  Regional Northern Italian Cuisine (BPSE-426)
   •  Regional Southern Italian Cuisine (BPSE-427)
   •  Research Methods (LART-355)
   •  Research Methods: Scientific Evaluation of Traditional Cooking Techniques (CUSC-325)
   •  Restaurant and Production Desserts (BAKE-300)
   •  Restaurant Operations and Management Strategies (MFBS-550)
   •  Restaurant Operations: Baking and Pastry (HOSP-201)
   •  Sales, Marketing, Distribution (MFBS-5##)
   •  Science Fundamentals (MTSC-115)
   •  Science of Food (CUSC-120)
   •  Science of Nutrition (BPSE-400)
   •  Seafood Identification and Fabrication (CULS-116)
   •  Senior Thesis: Baking and Pastry Arts (BPSE-405)
   •  Senior Thesis: Culinary Arts (BPSE-410)
   •  Senior Thesis: Culinary Science Research Projects (CUSC-450)
   •  Service and Beverage Management (HMFB-210)
   •  ServSafe Exam (CUSC-100A)
   •  Shakespeare: Play and Performance (LART-360)
   •  Social Psychology (SOCS-115)
   •  Specialty Breads (BAKE-202)
   •  Spirits and Principles of Mixology (HSBV-300)
   •  Strategic Management in the Business Environment (MGMT-355)
   •  Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry (HMHC-490)
   •  Survey of Mathematics (MTSC-105)
   •  Sustainable Food Systems (BPSE-351)
   •  The Business of Craft (HSBV-405)
   •  The Science of Food Systems (MFBS-510)
   •  The Wines of the New World: Northern Hemisphere (ADWN-508)
   •  Traditional Foodways, Culinary Customs, and Ingredients of Asia (LART-405)
   •  Transcultural Studies (BPSE-425)
   •  Viniculture and Viticulture (ADWN-500)
   •  Wine Studies (HOSP-305)
   •  Women in Leadership (BPSE-406)
   •  World Cultures and Cuisines (LART-300)

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